To Forgive: Invisible Wishes

Girl was sitting on her bed, looking to where her brother slept every night—except tonight.  He was not there tonight, and the bed was empty.  The house felt very wrong to Girl, and she could not sleep.

Her mother had called many people, and people Girl did not know had come to the house and left again.  Her uncle had come too.

“He’s such a quiet kid.  Maybe he’s just hiding?” Girl’s uncle had said at first.

Girl’s mother had said nothing.  Girl’s mother had cried.

Girl sat on her bed and listened to the beating of her heart.

Girl’s mother opened the door, startling Girl.  She looked wild.

“Girl, try to get some sleep.  Everything is alright,” said her mother, calmly.

“Yes, Mom,” said Girl.

“Just stay here.  I mean—stay in your room.  You get to sleep in tomorrow, okay?” said her mother.

“Yes, Mom,” whispered Girl.

Girl’s mother closed the door very quietly.  Girl touched her face and found that it was cold too.

Girl’s uncle opened the door, startling Girl.

“Girl!  Are you okay?” he asked, not calmly.

“Yes, Uncle,” said Girl.

“Everything is fine.  Just—just stay right there, okay?” her uncle said, yanking on his hair.  Then he said, firmly, “We’ll find your brother.”

“Yes, Uncle,” said Girl.

Girl’s uncle closed the door behind him.  Girl told herself not to cry.


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