Woden’s Boon: Only the Valiant

Choked on smoke

When we met


I went to the priestess

But not for a


Shy choirboy,

Child of your Ma,

Man of the house,

Only when you’ve

Failed Everyone and

Love All can the willful

Witchling you freed in youth

Come to you as Woman.


Land Where There’s Water

Words for you

Cassia star

9 months grown?

Palm frond greet

That king who comes,

Clap to free a dove.

Water has cleft safe

Rock again, Hope

Wings above the stream.

In the Black: Church Wed

Mad, many of us

Have lied and cheated.

You have done so

For us.  Deflect, Love,

When I say You Are Good

But believe You Are Good

To me.  You Are Good

To the castoff and the misfit,

To the childless and the widow;

When you lose yourself I call

For you and you find me.