Demon Remarks on Solitary Worship

Your house falls apart

Step onto the shadow plain

Crossed by torchbearers

Do the tribal dance

Around fire fed with

Flesh of your experience

And, meeting something with

Wings eyes but no


Accept its bow

And follow


The Swallow Is Warm, He’s Healthy


get divorced

sluts date

younger men

sluts care

about appearance attraction

they look good

they seduce


Not-slut bares her teeth

at her shriveling husband


fondles the sleeping

boy the growing


Brightly-lit Attraction for Insomniacs

Moody flickering

streetlights millipedes

crunch under my running

shoes cool white

bulbs and sedona

sheets around this time

you are burned

into ash

farm girl

promised to a soldier

mother grandmother great

it cracks

my understanding

that part of the immensity

part of the wind-swept soothing night

is more

than the absence of unkindness

is the presence

of a farm girl

promised to a soldier

who raised 3 boys