Light in Darkness (Monsters Devour…Cookies)

Hours later, Girl had cried many tears.  And she felt that her tears had changed her, made her different than before.  She crept through the shadowed house to where she and her brother had been playing, before she wished him invisible.  It was a time of night that she had never known, and she felt like she was the only person in the world.

Girl turned on one lamp, and one lamp only.  Then she lay on the carpet in the middle of the room and covered her eyes with her hands.  She lay very still.  And her heart wished a wish, silently.

Girl opened her eyes to the sound of munching.  It was very quiet munching, as if a mouse were eating somewhere.  She was still lying on the carpet, but the lamp she had turned on was contending against the grey light of morning.  Girl jumped up and ran into the big bathroom with the blurry glass, to the sink they did not use.  She threw open the little cabinet doors.

Girl’s brother froze in the act of eating crackers and stared at his sister.  She stared back at her brother, hiding under the sink.  She saw that he had his little flashlight stuck in the loop of his pants.  Girl refrained from screaming or falling over backwards, although she felt like doing both.  She simply yanked on her hair until she was calm again.  Girl’s brother watched her and then hid the crackers behind him.  Girl reached under the sink, pulled out her brother, and held him.

“Why were you hiding?” she asked, calmly.

“Everybody was yelling,” he complained, turning in her arms.

And Girl’s heart pounded with triumph.


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