Kite and Starfish: Magical Three

circle-kite“Oh!” said Girl, seeing a car backing down the driveway in front of her.  She began waving her arms in the air, annoying her brother, who was tired.  The car stopped backing out, and the young man inside rolled down his window to stare at her.

Girl approached the car and saw that the young man was dressed like her father had dressed to go to work.  He was wearing a suit and his tie was yellow.  Girl smiled at the young man and then said cleverly to her brother, “Sit if you’re tired.”

“I don’t want to,” said her brother, and sat.

“What the—

“Sorry sir!” said Girl.  “Excuse me. I made a wish and turned my brother invisible.  No one can see him but me.  Do you know how to turn him visible again?” she asked.

The young man gaped at her and then looked wildly about his car as if to find an answer.  “Girl,” he said at last, “I’ve never been invisible, and I’ve never known anyone who has.  Maybe you should ask someone who has been invisible?”

This seemed like very good advice to Girl, except—

“Girl, please move away from the car.  I have to back out,” said the young man, desperately.  “Farther please,” he urged, when Girl had done so.

Girl and her brother watched the young man back out and drive off.  She was worried.  She saw no one else on the street.

Girl’s brother eyed her and then sighed.

“Where are we going, Sis?” he asked.

Girl hesitated.  She measured the distance behind her and the distance ahead.  Then she said, firmly, “Just a little farther.”


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