Filament break exposed reach

light bulbAre you reading that book or are you memorizing it?  What does your education matter?  With your foreign face, even dogs bark at how alien you are.  The way you dress, you look like a homeless, you look like a bumpkin, who would suspect you of erudition?  They ask, “Do you speak English?”  Lesson plans, teaching?  Don’t make me laugh.  Embrace that book, take it with you—hide, hide, recluse!  Only losers bring their work home!  Midget, I see you can’t reach that bad bulb.  Use the ladder, that’s what we bought it for.  By heaven, I don’t know how you got where you are.  In one tiny area, you have expertise.  In all others, you are a numbskull.  I ask you to caulk the bathtub, you cut yourself.  Unclog the sink and you knock your skull.  IQ of a retard!  Innocence of a child!  I know what you are, I have your measure.  You have perseverance and nothing else!

via Daily Prompt: Reach


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