Cosmic vibration

milky-wayTravel has left frost in my clothes.  I carry the pale and the cold in my skin, in my small hands.  The singular iris is strange.  But I am teachable, I can relearn the human circuits.  Kinswoman, are you she?  To recognize is difficult.  Get out of my way, you monster?  Ah, you are she.  I remember you.  Front row in class, I receive the full blast.  Go hide in the corner, you monster.  And so on.  Sidi-Nouman’s wife eats rice grain by grain but spits out corpse flesh.  Father, I have no taste for graveyards.  Leave the dead to bury themselves, and turn to light and heat.  Agni, I bring you flesh of my experience, the tender morsels, meager offering, I know.  Let the congregation speak in tongues, let them prophesy.  Consume me and free me.  And remember: in the freezing abyss, the universe was born.


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